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VanScharrel {Baby Bump}

Maternity photos have always been a favorite for me, but after becoming a mom myself, I love them that much more. Especially when it's for first time mamas. Pregnancy is an amazing stage of life and I love that so many woman see the importance of wanting to capture this chapter. Say that five times fast! haha. It really is so beautiful. The fact that our bodies grow, rearrange, and sacrifice so much to bring a little life into this world is purely miraculous to me. And to hear the awe of first time mamas enjoying the ride as much as I did, is so cool. Lauren and Mike were visiting all the way from Maryland for their baby shower here at home, and they took the time to have some baby bump photos taken during their short stay. I was honored! Lauren looks amazing you guys! She is all belly, which is every mama's dream, and just glows in her photos! She was happy to see that the sunflowers were hanging on, and we took full advantage of the sea of yellow. And how could we not take pics with their fur baby Maggie?! She was ADORABLE too! Can't wait to see her become a big sissy! Oh, and a huge shoutout to Lauren's sister, Erica, (the dog whisperer) for the behind the scenes help with Maggie. Thanks again Lauren for allowing me to capture this special chapter!


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