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Nate & Amanda

I love when people take the time to schedule pics "just because". These two have been together for quite a few years now and told me that they just wanted some nice photos together, which is so common. This is a perfect enough reason for photos! Plus they wanted photos with their fur baby who was as cute as can be! Such a big baby and an awesome listener. I've known Nate since he was just a few years old. Him and his little brother were my first babysitting job and my "boys". I loved caring for these guys and have oodles and oodles of hours logged watching them play and grow. It's so weird to fast forward the clock to see a young (and very bearded) man, living his own life now as an adult. Talk about feeling old. And this chicky and dogger on his side are golden. Amanda and Nate compliment each other so well and are truly best buddies. Their laughter and silliness during our time together is just contagious and you can tell these two have an awesome relationship. So awesome that I'm sure many people will be zooming in to look for a ring in these pics (haha sorry Nate, no pressure)! A shoutout to kiddos finding someone that fits so perfectly into their life and family. I love watching you guys grow together and adventure together too. Thank you for letting me capture your love and your pup too!


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