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Mr. & Mrs. Kraatz

When I met with Garrett and Madi back in 2019 to discuss wedding plans and invitations, we never expected there to be a one year delay to their plans due to a global pandemic. Who would ever think THAT would be a reason for postponing a wedding? But these two didn't let a pandemic ruin their plans. In fact, Garrett and Madi still decided to tie the knot in front of immediate family a year ago and instead of getting married in front of their original list of guests, they would instead celebrate their first year of marriage with everyone a year later. And boy, was it worth the wait! Can I just start with!? This entire wedding, from the gorgeous couple, to the breathtaking venue and the stunning florals was INCREDIBLE and an absolute dream for a photographer.

I HOPE, for your sake, that you are one day, invited to a wedding at Cushing Field House because this place was something out of a bridal magazine. It's more than just a location, but an experience! Garrett and Madi found this gem of a venue in Holly, Michigan and struck it rich. We got to personally meet and chat with the owners and they are absolutely hosts with the most! From the moment they (and their kiddos helping on the grounds) smile and introduce themselves, it's like you've been friends for quite some time. They were absolute peaches in their efforts to make you feel at home and accommodated and you can tell that they have poured absolute love into this environment. The Field House was such an incredible location to photograph a wedding at and offered endless areas for gorgeous photographic moments.

Madi and Garrett's personalities are the exact same way as the owners of the venue. They too, welcome you with open arms and make you feel as if you are family when in their presence. I've known Madi since she was a little girl riding the same school bus as me and her family for equally as long. Her dad, Dan, loves to host and show people a good time with a belly full of delicious food and plenty of alcoholic beverages to go around. He is a giver and that is exactly what he gifted everyone that night, making sure his daughter and her guests had a memorable wedding experience. The food they selected was outstanding and the drinks seemed to be never-ending. Toss in a super talented live band, a beautiful summer day, and a group of down-to-earth and loving wedding guests and you have yourself the perfect wedding. I'm not sure if it's a combo of the families being so chill, or the fact that Madi and Garrett had had a test run the year before and were just experts at this whole wedding thing by this point, but the day ran so smoothly and stress free. Watching this bride and groom commit themselves to each other for a second time under a blanket of blue sky, and this time in front of their whole group of loved ones was such an honor and a beautiful day to capture.

One of my most memorable moments from that day was when Garrett who is apparently uber talented both musically and vocally, stood before his family and friends and dedicate a song to his wife. Garrett sat down to a keyboard that the band had set up for the reception and serenaded Madi to "You're Still the One" by Shania Twain, leaving the entire room a sobbing mess. I remember looking at Dan, Madi's dad as he beamed from ear to ear (through some tearful eyes of course) and thought to myself....that is every daddy's dream. For his little girl to marry a man that will make her the center of his world and will not only treat her that way day in and day out, but to also proclaim it publicly as well. Madi and Garrett, don't ever let the sun go down without telling each other what they mean to you. Remember that day, how you felt about each other, and how you have the world at your fingertips. Thank you SO much for allowing me to capture this celebration for you and all the memories that came with it. Your wedding day was a memorable one for me and it looked like something out of a bridal magazine! You pulled it off, you showed Covid who's boss and survived your first (and probably most strange/challenging year) of marriage. The rest is a piece of cake from here.

Wedding Venue: Cushing Field House

Photography: SBS Photography & Design Wedding Coordination: Molly @ The Best Day Details Videography: Xavier Nicole Films Invitations & Stationery: SBS Photography & Design

Hair: Jenna Puga @Jennapaintshair Makeup: 24 Luxe Bridal Gown: Beloved Bridal Bridesmaid Dress: Show Me Your Mumu

Groom Attire: Bonobos Florals: Joan Claypool Catering: Chowhound Gourmet Entertainment/Live Band: Cancel Monday

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