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Baby John V.

I was so excited to finally meet baby John for this photo session! John was born back in the spring during the state lockdown, so we weren't able to do newborn photos, which was heartbreaking for me. Now we fast forward to warm weather, open air, and a little more lenient state regulations and sweet little John is three months old, ready for photos. Melissa suggested a park near their home called Provin Trails on the west side of the state, which I had never visited and it was worth every minute of my drive. I felt like I was in a whole different world. The pine forest is something I've always wanted to shoot in and I now know that I will most definitely be returning with my little family for our own photos. After a short hike through the quiet, pine needle covered forest trail, we pop out at the top of a sand dune! It was totally unexpected for where we were at and breathtaking! I am so happy to see Melissa and Steve as parents! Last time I saw them was for her baby shower, with a cute belly as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby boy. Now, it's like he's been in their life forever. He was such a peach for his photos, despite us working past his bedtime. He started to lose patience with us at the end of the sand dune segment but quickly fell asleep in dad's arms and rocked the rest of his session in dreamland. Who ever said that sleepy pics are only for newborns? He was so precious. Melissa and Steve, congratulations on your sweet baby boy and thanks so much for allowing me to capture these early days for you! He is absolutely adorable and I can tell that your lives will never be the same since his entrance into your world. Parenthood looks great on you both and I'm so happy to witness you in this amazing chapter of life! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do and can look back with smiles and a full heart for years to come!

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