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The Lashbrooks

Bri reached out to me about maternity photos this summer and I learned that her and I are just a couple weeks apart with our baby's due date! Her and Jesse were adorable to work with, and I can tell they are in love with this baby girl already. Their relationship is the cutest. We laughed a lot during our time together and captured that adorable belly perfectly. It's always fun shooting maternity photos when pregnant because I feel like I can pose with them and really give them an example of what I'm lookin to achieve. Plus, just swapping pregnancy stories and chatting baby always makes for fun conversation! I thought Bri did a great job on their first wardrobe choice, (love the texture of the fur with the rustic farm look) and then I saw outfit number two... that beautiful red gown. Oh my heart! Bri looked GORGEOUS! The contrast of the green and red, and then the sunset glow. Wow. I hope she gets a chance to wear that gown again before their baby girl arrives because she rocked it! Jesse and Bri, I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming weeks! Becoming a parent is, by far, the greatest joy we are gifted in life. Your little girl is already so lucky to have such great parents and will thrive from your friendship and support for each other. She has a great set of parents that will embrace laughter and fun in her life! I am so excited for you to get to hold your little daughter and look forward to capturing more of life's memories with you THREE! Hugs!


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