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Baby Cora

Growing up, I never thought I'd live in a subdivision. What was it going to be like to have neighbors that close? We used to look out the front windows of our newly built home at an empty lot, which then turned to a construction site, and then into a house with a 'For Sale' sign in the front yard. I remember looking out the window as cars would pull up for real estate showings and creeping on the prospective neighbors unloading from their vehicles. Ha! I'd tell Danny, "I see some kiddos in their arms", or "Nope, no kids, just an old couple". We wondered what kind of neighbors we would have living right across the street from us and little did I know that the view that was once a field, would one day be filled with our friends' home. I never thought our two year old daughter would love to look out the front bedroom window, asking when her friends could come outside to play or that I would be so subconsciously aware of when they're home or not, based on the soft glow of their lit interior. God gave us awesome neighbors. The Leadley family has been in our lives for over a year now, and we are so grateful for their friendship and proximity. Their daughter is just a couple months older than our daughter and we got pregnant with our youngest babies just a month apart. God knew we needed some more solid and loving friends to raise our babies with and these guys are that, and more. Baby Cora was born just after Christmas and I got to capture her sweetness. Would you look at the hair?! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and her siblings that day. Witnessing these guys become a family of five has been a great joy and they seem to have done it quite seamlessly too. Thea and Ira are such sweeties to their baby sister and Jay and Mallory are an impressionable team. Their at-home photo session was my first "back to work" experience after the birth of our daughter in November, so it was great to only have to walk across the street to "work". Their house is a photographer's dream with all of the natural light pouring in and their kiddos made my job quite easy. They are ADORABLE! Even their dog Rosie decided to join in on the fun anytime her family was cuddled up with baby. She wasn't about to miss a Kodak moment if we let her. We are so blessed to be living out this life of parenthood side by side with such a fun and loving family and so close to home. Thank you Jay and Mallory for allowing me to capture this sweet and temporary chapter of your life for you. You guys are the cutest and you should be so proud of the little family you have built.


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