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Van Gilder Maternity

I've been waiting to capture this moment for Ryan and Ashley for such a long time. These two have been together since high school and I've loved watching their life together unfold, one happy chapter at a time. Their relationship is just so natural, and they make it look easy. Behind those beautiful smiles and playful laughs are strong and courageous parents that have, ever so patiently, prayed and waited for this babe. This rainbow baby is such a blessing to these two, and a reassurance from above that a colorful joy can emerge in our life after a time of darkness. Ryan and Ashley have experienced loss and heartbreak together which I have witnessed make them stronger both individually and together as a team. I commend Ashley for becoming stronger and remaining trustworthy through this walk and for recognizing still, just how miraculous this little life is growing inside her. Remaining thankful and giving glory to our creator throughout the entire process. I thought Ashley made a beautiful bride, but this role of becoming a strong, brave, and all-loving mama has just radiated beauty every step of the way. To me, these photos are so much more than belly pics, but images of an anxiously awaited "happy ending" to such a fun new beginning! I am so excited to see this life long dream of becoming parents come true for her and Ryan and cannot wait to meet their little boy soon! Shooting pics with these guys was a blast. It's like shooting for family basically, so it makes it completely organic and easy for me. When Ashley texted me a pic of the dress she had gotten for these photos, I about melted. I knew that this petite little mama was going to rock it, but then you add this beautiful scenery into the mix and wowza. Absolutely stunning images. It was hot, we were all dripping in sweat, but you would never know it in these photos. Congratulations to the both of you and I can't wait to capture you holding your baby boy soon! Love you guys!


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