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Empty Nesters

The birdies have all left the nest! These two have some of the biggest and most giving hearts I know! As parents of five, they would be willing to give the shirts off their backs to help their kiddos and from those selfless personalities have blossomed five amazing young adult children. After years of housing, feeding, and loving all of those children though, Marc and Dar are finally celebrating an empty nest! Dar approached me with this fun idea for a shoot and made it come to life with me last week. She thought it would be a blast to load up her prop bag and celebrate this lifetime milestone with her honey. These two have a lifetime of adventure and fun ahed them and although they love their kids and grandkids dearly, (like I have never seen a family this tight and this close), they will definitely be enjoying their space, their drinks, and most importantly, the hot tub! Woop woop! Congrats you two! Now go get naked and run around your house like the lovebirds that you deserve it!


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