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The Christensen Family

This entire family was so sweet. I drove away from this session thinking, "Man, I hope I get to shoot for this bunch again soon." They were all so photogenic, so loving, giggly and good looking too! As the family started to show up, I started with Mom and Dad. How cute are they?! Sometimes shooting for people this age can be challenging because traditionally, photography has been posed and framed for their generation, not candid and giggly like it has transformed into. But these two were anything but awkward. They were so lovey dovey and their photos showed it. It makes sense that they are the heads to such a fun family. Their kiddos were equally as affectionate and smiley for the camera too. We laughed, hugged, tickled, and all the above. The three little cousins melted my hearts with their bear hugs and nose picking. I'm a firm believer in definitely aiming for that posed family photo, but shortly after that, I just want the kids to be themselves so that I can capture them in their natural personalities. Rather than fighting through tears and forcing a kiddo to hold still for a photo, I like to let them be free and work around their little personalities and adventures. I was hoofing it to keep up with these littles at one point, capturing natural smiles and glances throughout their exploration of the pond and our property. Giving children the freedom to roam and be silly in their photos really opens up a whole new personality for your photos and allows me to capture genuine, and uninhibited smiles. I loved working with this group and hope they love their photos as much as I do. So many more photos than these were delivered to them this afternoon, but we had to share some of my favorites with the public because they are just too cute not to.


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