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Our VanderVelde Pack

Friends, I want you to meet my family. My husband's family by birth, and fortunately, mine by marriage. This is the quirkiest, most fun, unique, God loving, music making, friendly, worldly, creative bunch you will ever meet. I am lucky to have married into such a fun and loving family that welcomed me in with open arms since day one. A few weeks ago, we spent a Saturday with each other, a tripod, my camera, and pizza, of course! Us girls coordinated outfits and colors via texts, days before and we pulled it off! This is a definitely a blog post I will use as an example for family sessions in the future because it was such a good balance of coordination, without being too matchy-matchy. (Thank you Pinterest!) With the help of a tripod, a remote, some sound effects to make the littles laugh, PATIENCE and some mad photoshop skills, we were able to get fourteen of us (four under the age of four) smiling, and looking at the camera! That is SUCH a win in a photographer's book. Especially when I couldn't be behind the camera making it perfect. This family is so close with one another, which is even more great! We live about an eighth of a mile away from my in-laws, and although over half of the siblings are in Grand Rapids, we still manage to get together frequently enough to feel like we don't ever miss a beat. Our family is big....and growing (Hannah and John are expecting a baby in December), and it's crazy at times, but it's so special being part of a big family. God is SO GOOD! Scout is the only girl amongst her three, soon to be four, boy cousins, but I consider her lucky. She's got a lot of boys to protect her, and show her the ropes of how to be a tomboy too! What fun! My family has been so patient as I catered to paying customers first, and they anxiously awaited the delivery of these awesome images. It was so worth the wait. I couldn't choose just a few images, because they were all so awesome and really broadcast the love we have for each other! Thank you to Hannah for playing the role of photographer for my little family too! They turned out great!

Now.....go check out some of my favorites!


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