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Macie S. {Class of 2020}

Reuniting with Macie and her family is like meeting up with some of your high school friends that you haven't seen in a while. Completely effortless and like we've been buddies for years. It's been a few years since her brother Blake has graduated and that is the last time I have seen and photographed this crew. Macie hopped out of the vehicle in this beautiful linen jumpsuit and I knew right then and there that this girl's got style. What a beautiful outfit for the sunflowers! And it had POCKETS....who doesn't love pockets? Lol. Macie just radiates confidence and beauty and balanced the two so well during our time together. Check out some of my faves from her session... Oh and P.S. Macie finished her session in jeans and a sweater which totally got me pumped for fall! So cute!


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