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Lucas L. {Class of 2019}

Most of the time, when shooting for guy seniors, we only need an hour and we can get a great variety of "looks" in a short amount of time. However, that limits us for travel and changing locations. Lucas' mom booked a two hour session with me which was so awesome because it allowed us to change locations and get SO much variety with our scenery. We started out at my parent's property where we took advantage of the pond, the golden grass, and my indoor setup for a quick yearbook photo. The usual. From there, we convoyed to downtown Howell to fulfill the "urban" half of our session. I learned after chatting on the phone with Mom, that their family own's Moe's BarBar Shop downtown and that it's been in the family for over fifty years. I had to get in there for some photos! How cool?! For those of you that aren't familiar with this business, it's a split building with a bar/restaurant on one side and a barber shop on the other. As they state it on their Facebook page, it's "A business that marries all the best from some of the favorites: Burgers, Beers and Shears!" Oh, and if you haven't had their pickle soup must! Yum! Anyhoo, back to photos. After some photos in the alley, we came in the back door of Moe's where we were greeted by friendly staff members and locals playing weekly card games. Everyone knows the owners and Lucas, who works I felt like I was on a VIP tour. Lucas led me over to the actual barber side where we took photos in chairs from the original barber shop. How cool! We ended the session back outside where Lucas rocked out his hockey gear and backwards hat which was totally him. I'm thankful for my time with Paige and Lucas as I got to think outside the box a little and shoot in an environment I was unfamiliar with. This always allows me to expand my creative abilities and really have fun with a shoot. Ps. I added a cool old photo of the original barber shop at the bottom for a little piece of history. This is borrowed from their Facebook page. Very cool!

Photo from Moe's BarBar Shop's Facebook Page


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