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Cousin Trio

How challenging is it to get three young kids to look at a camera and smile? Difficult at times, but not when Grandma comes with a trick up her sleeve. The day of our photo session, we get set up, plop the kids into position and as I'm sharing my plan of attack, Grandma looks at me and goes, "I've got a way to make them laugh, but don't judge me." I'm thinking to myself, "You're going to be the one laughing and judging me when you see how much of a dork I am in front of kids." Next thing I know she's pulling her phone out and looks at me, saying the two funniest words I think I've heard at a photoshoot....."Fart App". With the touch of a button, she has these kids giggling like crazy to the sound of gas! I'm not sure if I was more impressed with the fact that she thought of this, or the fact that there are so many different sounds to....well,......toots! Haha! High pitched, low pitched, long, short, bursts, you name it! I don't care how silly it was, it was working! I also utilized a few tricks out of my hat and we totally nailed it! These kiddos are SO cute! Ended the session with some 'Baby Shark' which is always a goodie too! All in all, I think I laughed just as hard as the little ones. I love my job. I love people, and I'm obsessed with laughter! And I may, or may not, be downloading that app to have in my arsenal of tricks! Just sayin'. Don't judge me.....LOL.


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