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Cam P. {Class of 2020}

Sometimes, by this point in the season, I catch myself overwhelmed with editing, photo sessions, and balancing work and home. But it's sessions like these that recharge me, and remind me why I love senior portraits. From shooting with Cam, to editing these great shots, I've really enjoyed working with Cam and his mom.

Usually, throughout a photoshoot, I have to prompt and pose guys because they aren't super hip on getting their photos taken. It takes a few for guys to warm up and feel comfortable doing what they're doing. That was not the case for Cam though. He really led the photo session by being a complete natural. This kiddo was goofy when needed, and then could snap serious for a GQ pose, like no other. I asked him how he was so good at this and he told me that his mom loves photography. That he has had so many photos taken of him in his life that he probably had a time lapse of his life via pictures. All I have to say is, thank you mom! Haha. Because he was a hoot to shoot for. I loved his unique sense of style, confidence in front of the camera, and sense of humor to keep us all laughing. Check out some of my faves from our time together.


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