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Bre E. {Class of 2020}

With the full bloom of sunflowers, comes a mad rush of nights hanging in the sunflower fields. I love it, because it's cooling down this time of year, and I get to be outside enjoying these evenings. Chatting with Bre's mom on the phone, I learned that Bre is a girl after my own heart...not into makeup, works landscaping during the summer, and just wanted simple senior pics. Nothing too elaborate. Ok cool, cool, I can dig that. Until she shows up with this beautiful hair down to her waist, an awesome industrial piercing and a look to her that was just so a good way! I couldn't help but transform these "simple" senior pics into a mini modeling session. My bad. Lol. I loved watching Bre transform from a shy spirit to a total confident chick in front of the camera! Mid way through our session, she was posing herself and totally rocking it! My heart was so full. And can we just talk about her hair for a minute?! It's a stunning shade of red that some women spend beaucoup bucks trying to achieve artificially. Bre told me she never wears it down because of work and ease, (which I totally get, having a lot of hair myself) but WOW! There were times I saw her as a sweet girl while we chatted, and other times she just blossomed into this beautiful, confident woman with a smirk at the camera. The whole time I was photographing her, she reminded me of someone and I couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't until I was going through the pics that night that it hit me....SOPHIE TURNER! I asked my husband if she would be ok with me mentioning that and his reply was "Yea, Sophie is a BABE!" haha. Which is true. I'd be totally flattered if someone told me I looked like that! Lol. But you are beautiful as Bre babes! Thank you for a fun session and I hope you enjoy your images. Here are some of my faves!


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