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Baby Liam

Oh sweet baby Liam. You were such a peach! This new family of four were troopers as we toughed out the warm weather and took advantage of the season for some outdoor newborn photos. I love the versatility that the outdoors offers for photos, along with ideal lighting and just raw beauty. As much as we cringed at the thought of being wrapped in blankets and a teddy outfit, Liam didn't care one bit. He took a quick bottle and cozied right in for some adorable photos. Big sister Bella anxiously awaited her turn to hop into photos with her little brother. We started with him in the washtub and she kept telling me, "you know what would be really cute is if we took a picture of me holding him". She was being so subtle and polite while making sure I knew that she wanted some pics holding baby. What a cutie! She takes her role of big sissy very seriously and she did great. The mama and baby pics just melt my heart and then the contrast of big tall daddy and tiny little son were just so adorable. I'm so happy for this little family and look forward to working with them more in the future! Thank you Vicky for choosing me to capture this special moment and new chapter as a family of four! Enjoy your sneak peek on the blog and your full download gallery as well!


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