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Kinsley Ann {3 Months}

If this little peanut doesn't make you smile, then I don't know what will! Those blue eyes, and her giggly smiles are enough to bring tears to my eyes! I had a great time photographing little miss Kinsley for her three month session. I cannot believe the leaps and bounds of change between a newborn session, and three months. She totally rocked her tummy time and gave me all kinds of expressions as I stood above her, clicking away with my camera. She was all about raising her fists in the air like a superhero, and it was just crackin' me up! This was my first time getting to shoot white, on white, on white, and I loved it. The tiles behind her in the first photo are actually historic ceiling panels from an old building in historic downtown Howell that I was so excited to snag at a yard sale last summer. I'm in love with how her photos came out and I know her mama was too! So excited to work with Kinsley again in July for her 6 month photos!

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