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Backyard Beauty

Laughter. That is what our evening was filled with as we just watched Adele do her thing. This little girl is a character and she knows it. I never thought a child this age could have their own sense of humor but Adele is stinkin' funny! And so well behaved! Unlike some sessions where there's a goal to use a certain prop or achieve a particular Pinterest shot, this session was laid back, casual, and very "go-with-the-flow". Rather than posing, and making an 18 month old sit still (good luck), we just let Adele do her thing and the results were remarkable. The challenging expectations that I can sometimes put on myself were non-existent and I was able to capture fun, candid, and free spirited shots of Adele just being herself. This is what I want to capture for parents. Their children's little smirks, funny gestures, and the qualities that make them unique at this age. Although it's often a chasing game and a good workout for me, the kids really enjoy themselves and last a lot longer than if we were to re-sit them on the same posed chair ten times in a row, expecting them to look right at the camera for a smile. Adele was a complete peach, and it shows in the photos. I am so thankful to be able to watch this little gal grow and to be the one that gets to capture memories for my cousins like this sunny June evening in their backyard. Can't wait for her two year old session in the fall!

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