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Alaina Jean

I'll never forget the excitement in my husband's voice as he woke me up at six in the morning by shaking an extremely bright cellphone screen in my face. Through squinty eyes and a slow focus, I was able to make out a brand new baby wailing on a hospital scale just hours new to this world. "They had their baby!" he announced as my eyes just filled with tears of joy. How I could go from a dead sleep, to wide awake and crying in a matter of ten seconds, is totally weird but I couldn't help it as I gazed at a PERFECT baby. Just days before this, I had been feeling this little "peapod" kick away in here mama's tummy as we sat around guessing what she would look like. And there she was, as pink and perfect as can be. Although Danny was happy for our good friends Tom and Kristen for bringing their first little baby into the world, he was even more excited for their timing. Little Alaina Jean was born during the last ten minutes of my husband's bday like he had been hoping for for the last few months. The text from Tom read "You and my daughter share a birthday together!" Our day was made! Whenever a new baby is brought into this world, I am so excited to get in there and photograph! Being a newborn photographer, I feel as if I have that secret VIP pass into the new family's home, even before close friends and family sometimes. In this case, I got to play both roles, photographer and friend. Just a few days after they got home, I was able to meet this long-awaited baby girl and take snap some photos too. Congratulations Tom & Kristen, she is absolutely perfect!

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