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Baby Lucas

Baby Lucas' session was a special one for me for a few reasons. First being that he was my first newborn after the state shutdown, so it felt so great to pick up my camera again and capture memories. Secondly, because these good friends of mine are some of the most deserving parents I know. Watching their love story unfold chapter by chapter has been such a pleasure and they are just truly made for this chapter they're in now. I thought their dating pics were cute, and then their wedding, but oh my goodness....parenthood looks so good on them! This sweet little boy has come into a world full of SO many people that love him. He is so lucky to have the village behind him that he does, and he doesn't even know the fun that is waiting for him. These two will show him all the joys life has to offer, from dedicated football and tailgating seasons ahead to weekends out of state visiting all of his extended family and summers at the Baljet family cottage. He's going to learn all about farming, skiing, family and more. Baby Lucas, you are loved beyond measure already and the best is yet to come. Brendan and Kristin, he is beautiful. I am so glad that God blessed you with the opportunity of parenthood and I know full heartedly that you are going to rock this role! I love all three of you and look forward to the fun years ahead! Thank you for letting me capture these special days for you!


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