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20 mins  |  5 edited image downloads  |  $75

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It's challenging, time consuming, and straight up tricky at first, but breastfeeding blossoms into one of the best chapters of motherhood. Skin to skin and baby cuddles are something that I am going to want to remember forever. Because breastfeeding is so near and dear to my heart, I want to capture this chapter for more moms than just myself. You are rockin' it mom, and you deserve to have these special moments frozen in time before they grow right out of our arms! Let's make an evening out of it! Or TWO if I book up quick! Click on the info below to learn more about this mini session and to book a time with me!

Twenty minute session with Sam on her private country acreage. You will receive a private, password protected proof gallery to view your images and choose your favorites....
Breastfeeding Mini
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