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This chapter of life is indescribable. The unknowns, the tummy flutters, your body's amazing transformation and the miraculous moment of meeting your baby for the first time. I want to capture it all! Being a mom myself, I realize how precious these moments are and how quickly that time fades to the "past". As much as we try to soak it in, life is like grains of sand falling through our fingers and it's only frozen through photographs. I want to capture these precious times for you, from belly to babe! 


From tummy flutters and not being able to tie your own shoes, to kissing those tiny little fingers and toes, motherhood truly is one of life's greatest blessings that I want to capture for you. Pregnant women are so beautiful to me, and the miracle of creation happening inside is even more astonishing. I'd love to work with you to help make this chapter feel as beautiful to you, as it looks from our perspective on the sidelines.


20 minutes of photography at SBS Photography

10 digital downloads with printing rights




Forty five minutes of photography

Location within 20 miles of SBS Photography

Other family members welcome

Private online proof gallery

40+ edited digital images with printing release

$50 off Newborn Session



For nine months, you have prepared for this little life. Will she have her mama's eyes? Will he have his daddy's nose? Our lives are forever changed before a baby is even brought into this world, and changed even more after we meet them. I have always been in complete awe of the heavenly perfection in a newborn baby and the miracle of birth! Whether this is your first baby, or another little addition to your family, I am so glad that you recognize this moment as a special blessing that you want to document and preserve. Each second that follows your baby's birth, they will grow and change. My goal is to freeze time and help you document just how little they truly were. I want to capture that tiny finger wrapped around yours, those little eyelashes resting on their cheeks, and the rest of the incredibly small, but HUGE impact this new life has made on yours. 



Two hours of photography at your home

Locations over 20 miles from my home will be charged

Other family members welcome

30+ edited digital images with printing release

(additional images available for purchase)




One hour of photography at SBS Photography

Other family members welcome

30+ edited digital images with printing release

(additional images available for additional cost)



Throughout the first year of your child's life, you will experience so many changes and so quickly. 365 days will pass in the blink of an eye and your baby will be blowing out a candle and digging into their first birthday cake. The only thing you will have to remember those baby rolls and toothless smiles will be photographs so let's set up a one year package to ensure it's all captured.

45 min maternity

2 hour newborn

15 min  4 Month Milestone Mini Session

15 min 8 Month Milestone Mini Session

45 min 1 Year Session


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